Customer Support KPIs: Which Metrics Should You Track?

6 Most Important Customer Service KPIs

customer support kpis

This is why many customer service KPIs were developed — to give a quantitative assessment to customer satisfaction. Obviously, it’s difficult to find those which suit your company in this diversity. Customer support metrics can also help businesses predict future customer needs and demands. By collecting and analyzing them, businesses can improve their overall performance and keep their customers content.

customer support kpis

Plus, low-effort resolutions also drive loyalty and customer retention, with 61% of customers who’ve had their problems resolved with less effort choosing to stay with the company. It goes without saying that this metric is a vital KPI for businesses focussed on keeping customers happy. Another popular method for measuring customer service performance is live chat. Not only is it a powerful tool for real-time support, but it also provides valuable insights into the performance of your chat operators.

KPI’s voor het meten van de klantenserviceprestaties

This is a better resolution time measurement than average resolution time (ART). While first contact resolution results in a solution being provided in the initial outreach, average resolution time measures the amount of time it takes to completely close a case. If you are in a service industry where issues escalate or move to other departments, measuring ART takes the true view of your performance out of your hands. Additionally, they help maintain a good customer satisfaction score in business. Customer service teams can also identify improvement areas and provide feedback to the company on how to serve their customers better.

Dig deeper into weeks with high resolution times and identify roadblocks such as a lack of agent training or not enough staff to cover demand. This compass provides a lucid, unvarnished performance perspective. It allows you to critically evaluate not only the operational finesse of your team, but also clarify the depth and quality of their engagements. That said, it’s important to know which customer service KPIs to prioritize. As customer behavior, business goals, or industry standards evolve, the parameters and thresholds for KPIs might need adjustments.

Intercom’s product principles: Shaping the solution to maximize customer value

A KPI is an indicator that helps you track the performance of a business, project, or department against strategic goals and objectives. The higher is the CSAT score, the better is your customer satisfaction. Implement the ways to collect qualitative and quantitative feedback, that helps you know the areas working well and the gaps that need to be improved.

  • Another popular method for measuring customer service performance is live chat.
  • Customer relationships sound like too an intangible notion to measure.
  • If you don’t have systems in place to capture every customer interaction across all channels (phone, email, chat, social media), you’ll miss out on critical data points.
  • To measure the customer satisfaction score, you can also use the abandonment rate KPI.
  • In case the real number is less than in the KPI, we review the conversations with bad scores and look for what exactly affected the bad score.

In business, a key performance indicator is a measurable value that determines how effectively a company is achieving its key objectives. KPIs are used at different levels to gauge the success of an organization in hitting its targets. If you have multiple systems (ticketing, CRM, email, chat), integrate them to provide a holistic view of customer interactions. Platforms that offer APIs or integration capabilities can help consolidate data and prevent silos. If you don’t have systems in place to capture every customer interaction across all channels (phone, email, chat, social media), you’ll miss out on critical data points.

For example, suppose your company policy is to respond to all customer complaints within 24 hours, and out of 100 complaints, you do this 60 times. Average resolution time (ART) refers to the total time taken by the team to resolve the support ticket once it is looked upon. The lower the resolution time, the higher is the customer satisfaction.

Make sure to keep within the requirements of your service-level agreement (SLA) and offer a good support experience. The average message volume per agent can vary greatly depending on the industry, company size, and customer support model. For example, a small business with a few hundred customers might have an average of messages per day per agent. A large enterprise with millions of customers might have an average of hundreds of messages per day. According to our customer experience study, 44% of online shoppers think the average response time should be below 5 minutes.

#9 Customer retention rate

We’ve identified 3 key areas where we think KPIs will have the biggest impact on the success of your customer service team. Seventy-seven percent of executives have already implemented conversational bots for after-sales and customer service. With more companies turning to AI, it’s important to understand the relevant KPIs for virtual agents.

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So, how to use KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in customer service, and which metrics are the best? Happy customers are more likely to return, refer their friends, and buy again. Unhappy customers, on the other hand, can damage a company’s reputation with a single tweet or review.

The question would be changed to are you to recommend our company/department as a great place to work? Many times customer retention depends on the quality of service and products offered. Even more, what can ultimately count the most is the experience the customer gets while dealing with your business on a human level.

customer support kpis

Clearly define what you consider “successful” for each customer service KPI and communicate these benchmarks to the team. Regularly review and recalibrate these benchmarks in response to changing business goals or market conditions. Many businesses use a variety of tools and platforms for different functions (e.g., CRM, ticketing systems, email platforms). If these systems aren’t integrated, data can be siloed, making it hard to get a holistic view of customer service performance.

That’s why using the number of reviews as a customer KPI will motivate your team to push forward. You can be the most customer-driven company in the world, but every business should earn money. And being on the frontline of customer communications, support representatives should have a vested interest in bringing in more money and customers. In that way, teams can continue things that move the KPI closer to the desired state and avoid the ones that move them further away from the desired state. After all, the real power of KPIs, the ones that matter, is their ability to provide insight that informs a team’s strategy and moves them toward success.

For instance, invoice requests and inquiries should be handled by the accounting and finance teams. In some cases, call transfers are acceptable especially if they serve as the virtual reception for the support team, such as in a telephone answering service. The longer the time customers wait in line, the less satisfaction a customer gets. This results in them dropping the call before or in the middle of the transaction. For inbound customer service, a customer may abandon a call before an agent picks up while on hold or in the middle of the transaction due to outside factors.

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